What We Do

The Cooks Company is no longer an association of tradesmen in its original sense of control; yet, its membership today still includes craft tradesmen, and its activities engage with a broad range of organisations associated with cooking.

The Company’s purpose in contemporary times has come to rest in the common search for a public good, to contribute as effectively as it can to the pursuit of a good society - to be socially useful. It does this through four principal objectives that translate its origins, history, traditions, affiliations, and activities into meaningful outcomes for today’s world:

  • To fund a range of charitable activities associated with the welfare and education of the catering trade
  • To support the modern day craft of cooking including catering excellence through competition, scholarly and scientific culinary research, and the development of food policy
  • To support the City of London
  • To pursue a fellowship of association that can mobilise the necessary resource, skill, and wisdom to bring these about
  • The Cooks’ Company is as vital today - actively supporting the modern day craft and catering industry, as well as funding a range of charitable activities - as it was, when it controlled all the catering trade within the ‘Square Mile’.

    Examples of our ‘giving’, in line with these objectives, over the last few years can be found on the Cooks Fund page.
    Some of the projects that we support on a regular basis can be viewed by using the ‘What We Do’ drop-downs above.


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