The Cooks Fund

The Cooks rely upon membership knowledge and expertise to achieve its aims with regard to charitable giving and the assistance of cookery. In part, it relies upon its own funds to achieve these aims.  In part, it also relies upon your donations.

For every supported project, many are turned down. This is rarely to do with how worthwhile the cause is. Rather, it is simply to do with the limited size of our charitable funds. The Cooks Fund is designed to supplement our own contribution.

The support that we become involved in centres on three main areas:

Education and knowledge - to dispel ignorance concerning the concept of food
Skills and Training - to prepare for and improve upon cooking careers
Community Welfare - to make people and communities resilient

All projects are mentored or monitored by members of our two principal committees - Charity and Assistance - so that donated money is used as effectively as possible to maximise the achievement of our recipients objectives.  This work is done voluntarily. No administration costs are incurred. 100 percent of the Fund is distributed to the chosen causes.

Should you wish to help our cause through a donation to the Cooks Fund, then particpation is quite straightforward:

A single one-off donation
A regular standing order
Payment on-line
A corporate donation
Pledging a legacy

Gifts of any size are welcome; signing the Gift Aid Declaration increases the size of the donation received.

Applications for funding that fit with our key charitable criteria are also very welcome.



UK Registered Charity No: 297913

Cooks fund front cover

How can I make a donation?

Cheques can be made, payable to:
“The Cooks Charity” and sent to:
The Clerk,
The Worshipful Company of Cooks of London
18 Solent Drive,
SO31 9HB

Or contact the Clerk for BACS details:

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Examples of Cooks giving - 2009/10
Examples of Cooks giving - 2008/09