Crisis - Skylight Café

The Skylight Café is part of the Crisis group.

Based at 66 Commercial Street in East London, they educate and train people, who are not in training or education, in order to find them gainful employment. They particularly specialise in rehabilitating offenders.

Inevitably, in a café, cooking is quite a central theme in that process, although many other activities occur on the site. The Cooks have contributed to its kitchem refurbishment amongst other things.

The café is open to the public and is the shortest of walks from the City. They open five days a week - Monday to Friday - from 8.30 am until 3 pm serving great food and drinks, as some of us can testify to. The café is also available as an event space in the evenings and at weekends.

The café has undergone extensive refurbishment recently - the kitchen, ventilation, and electrics have been supported by the Cooks, while IKEA have made-over the front of house. Click here for a 4-part video showing how it looks now.

... or, just pop in - eat and view the artwork (in all senses).